01 Jan 2018 Happy New Year! In the words of the late, great John Lennon "Let's hope it's a good one".
I'm delighted to announce a new gallery — or set of galleries — that I'm launching from today. I've set myself the challenge of taking a picture every day and posting it to my social media sites -   FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Read more about it in my blog here.

25 Sep 2017 Really pleased to finally have my "Phones" gallery up and running. It has been a long time in the planning but this year has been tough with illness and work issues (in the day- job) but finally it's done. You can see it  here.

20 Mar 2017 Delighted to hear that I've been shortlisted in the London Photo Festival's first monthly photo competition. The winner will be selected by public vote. To see the entries - and to vote go the   competition site. (In order to vote you'll need to register by clicking on the "Login to vote" link in the top right corner.

5 Feb 2017 Thrilled to hear that I've got two "Honourable Mentions" in the London Photo Festival's "Architecture" competition.

12 Jan 2017 Spent the morning hanging the exhibition. It's in the Intro Bar of Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal and opens tomorrow running through until Feb 25th. All work is for sale and 15% of sales will go to Crisis, the national charity for homeless people.

29 Nov 2016 Just back from delivering my work to Kendal in preparation for my exhibition in January. It's starting to be very real!

20 Nov 2016 New gallery created - Lights - and pictures uploaded. It features pictures of streetlights; these are a source of constant fascination for me and I particularly enjoy the negative shapes they create in the sky.

17 Nov 2016 Eight weeks until my exhibition opens at Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal. Work all printed, framed and ready to go. Now for the hard part - writing my Artist's Statement...

17 Oct 2016 I'm a little bit like a child with a new toy at the moment; I've just made some radical changes to the website - despite it only being a week old! I've also added some pictures in the gallery "Wheels". I hope you like them.

10 Oct 2016 I'm really pleased to launch my new website today and to establish my new online presence as "Scapho". You can also follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter - just click on the appropriate icon below. I've still got a lot of content to upload and the site will be updated regularly, so please keep coming back.