Exhibition update

Exhibition update

20 November 2016

The last ten days have been very busy with preparations for the exhibition at Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal (www.breweryarts.co.uk) in January (see the Exhibitions page).

I had my work printed by theprintspace (www.theprintspace.co.uk) in Hoxton and they did their usual superb job - I submitted my work at 11:15 on Sunday and four hours later the prints were ready! Despite such a speedy turnaround there was no compromise on quality. Maybe that's why I always use them?

Since then I've been busy with framing the images, no small job with 17 prints. However they're finally finished so all I have to do now is transport them to Kendal. It's not a huge distance but it does mean grappling with the traffic on the M6, so wish me luck.

I've created a new gallery - Lights - featuring pictures of streetlights. These have always been a source of fascination for me, especially the negative shapes they make against the sky. I've also made some changes to the way in which gallery pages are arranged so that if there's a large number of images on a particular subject they're split over several pages. Hopefully this will make them easier to find and to enjoy.