As I was saying....

As I was saying....

12 May 2017

It's been quite a while since I posted here or updated the site. Unfortunately a spell of illness - a severe eye infection - put me out of action and brought picture-taking to a halt. However I'm pleased to say that I'm now fully recovered so you can expect to see a lot more activity here.

I'm delighted to have two pictures on show at the 10th London Photo Festival which runs from 18th - 20th May in the crypt of St. George the Martyr church on Borough High Street, London, SE 1 1 JA. Full details are on the Festival website. Do come along if you're able - there's some great work on show.

I'm also going to launch a new gallery here on the website which will feature pictures taken on my smartphone. I have to admit to being a bit of a camera snob and have always been a bit dismissive of people who use their phones to take pictures but my attitude is starting to change. Nothing will persuade me to give up my beloved DSLR cameras but I do now see a place for my smartphone.

I have started to use it as a "sketchpad" in much the same way a conventional artist would. It's not always possible to carry a "real" camera with me but I always have my smartphone and I'm using it to grab pictures of things that catch my eye. It may be something transitory where there wil never be a chance to catch the moment again or it may be as a "sketch" to give me ideas for photos that I can capture later with my camera. If nothing else it means I'm taking photos far more often!

I've decided to create a new gallery here on the website for these pictures. They won't always be of the highest artistic or technical standard but they will give you an idea of what catches my eye and what inspires me. Look out for the new gallery soon and I hope you enjoy it.