About me

Photo © Fiona Wright, 2009

About me...

I've been taking photos since I was given my first camera - a Kodak Instamatic 126 - when I was about nine years old.

That was a long time ago, and my camera is considerably more sophisticated now, but the passion for photography has only increased. After many years of family photography I've followed my creative instincts and moved into abstract and architectural photography. You can see the results here.

My work

My work is mainly abstract and based on the urban environment. There is so much that we no longer notice because we see it constantly – street furniture, the reflections in glass-fronted buildings, the patterns of lines and colours in architecture. I strive to make people look again at everyday objects and see them in a new way, to realise that there is beauty in a bench, a flight of stairs, the shape a streetlamp makes against the sky.

This is echoed in my work which often reduces objects to line, pattern, colour and repetition with little reference to the original object and reflecting my love of painters like Mondrian, Klee and Miro.

There are two recurring themes in my work: reflections, and steps and stairs. Modern glass-fronted buildings create such wonderful reflections which are so subtly distorted and produce their own frame around a scene. Stairs are just as amazing, a sort of architectural koan: they are simultaneously static but moving, they go up - they go down.


My work has been exhibited regularly at the London Photo Festival, and in the London Photo Gallery, the Lauderdale House photographic exhibition, the East Finchley Arts Festival and the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2014.